find a roommate in new york city

Roommate Questionnaire

A huge part of finding a roommate to live with is compatibility. Before deciding to live with someone, you may want to ask them what their lifestyle is like, and figure out whether that will mesh well with your lifestyle.

Below are questions that should help in choosing an appropriate roommate. If you're someone looking for an apartment, these items should provide a decent base to help you figure out whether the roommate and the apartment itself is worth considering.

If you're already in an apartment and seeking a roommate to live with you, this list may not only help you find someone who is compatible, but also will give you ideas for what types of things to include in your Roommate Wanted ad.

The Roommate

  • Sleeping habits: Typical bed time? Typical wake up time?
  • Music habits: Music played? Music volume?
  • Friends: Friends over often? Stay-over boy/girlfriends?
  • Drinking & Drugs: Drink often? Partake in drug use?
  • Employment status: Student? Employed full time? Employed part time? (When are they around? Can they pay their share of the rent?)
  • Pets: Does the roommate have a pet? Are you allowed to have pets in that apartment?
  • Cleanliness: How clean?
  • Cooking: Types of food cooked? Restrictions on cooking certain dishes? Restrictions on using certain cookware for meat?
  • Dishes: Share dishes? Keep dishes separate?
  • Food: Share food? Keep food separate?

The Apartment/Building

  • Dishwasher: Dishwasher?
  • Laundry: Washer and dryer available? In-suite? Cost?
  • Television: TV available to watch? Open to bringing a better one? Cable subscription plan? Bill split among roommates?
  • Internet: Internet available? Wi-Fi? Bill shared among roommates? Bandwidth limits? Speed restrictions?
  • Furniture: Common area furniture required? Bedroom furniture required?
  • Parking: Parking space available? How much (if any cost)? Underground/above-ground?
  • Other Amenities: Concierge? Gym? Pool? Party room? Rooftop deck? Barbeques? Any usage terms?
  • Heat/Hydro: Is it included in the rental price? If not, how much? What is commonly the set temperature?
  • Air Conditioning: Is the apartment air conditioned? Is the bill on top of the rental price - or included? What temperature is common for the summer months?
  • Security: Building security? Does room have a lock? If not, can a lock be added?
  • Agreements: Roommate agreement to sign? Building agreement to sign? Damage deposit? Prepaid checks?

The Neighborhood

  • Safety: How safe is the neighbourhood (including at night)?
  • Walkable: Walk to things you want to do?
  • Transit: Transit accessible? Subway? Bus? How often do routes run? How late do they run? How long does it take to get to school/work/play?
  • Driving: Easy access to highways?
  • Grocery Stores: Groceries nearby?
  • Restaurants/Bars: Places to eat/drink nearby?