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Neighborhood Safety in New York City

While small crimes like robberies and break-ins aren't anything to discount, when many people think of neighborhood safety they think of violent crime. Below are maps outlining NYC neighborhood safety in terms of Murders on a per capita basis.

Keep in mind that boundaries (this is based on NYPD precinct) and population density can skew this data somewhat, but overall it provides a decent picture of which New York City neighborhoods are possibly the safest to live in and travel through.

The darker the color, the more dangerous the neighborhood (i.e. the most murders per capita). All data is for the period of January 1 to October 31st, 2014.

Murders per Capita in The Bronx, New York City

The outer edges of The Bronx are the safest.

Safety map for The Bronx, NYC

Murders per Capita in Manhattan, New York City

Parts of Harlem (northern tip of the island) are less safe than the rest of Manhattan.

Safety map for Manhattan, NYC

Murders per Capita in Queens, New York City

Jamaica and the edges of Brooklyn are less safe.

Safety map for Queens, NYC

Murders per Capita in Brooklyn, New York City

Brownsville, East New York, Bedford-Stuyvesant and the southern tip are less safe.

Safety map for Brooklyn, NYC

Murders per Capita in Staten Island New York City

The northern tip of Staten Island is the least safe.

Safety map for Staten Island, NYC

To view a custom map for different date ranges and crime type - and zooming in for more detail - check out the NYC Crime Map put together by the NYPD.